People will say all kinds of hoo-hah and do their absolute worst to get you to come spend your hard-earned bag in their beerhall... only to have you park it on some rickety shop stool and decipher some neon chalk off a scrap of roasted-up plywood like you're in your old pal Jeff's garage circa summer 1998.

Well, new friend: the year is 2022, and we're looking to give you a better experience with your beer. One where time slips away, and your palate transcends—damn! We started doing the hoo-hah thing. Let's cut to the chase. No more beating around the ol' creosote bush.
We're called . . .

. . . and you can find us in Phoenix's historic Park Central Mall. If your mother says she knows us, you'd better ride shotgun—she might be thinking of the old floral/gift shop by the same name in this same mall. They've been gone awhile, but we liked the cut of their jib, so we'll honor them by peddling flowers, too.

And we've saved the best news for last, friend. In addition to a world-class rotating beer menu, we want to offer you something to wash down the gullet: house-made chips and salsa, maybe? How about genuine tacos al pastor, carved from a fiery trompo that greets you when you walk in? We can't wait to see you. And your mother.


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Food (Monday—Saturday after 4pm, Sunday after 2pm)

al pastor taco
maitake taco (vegan)
chips & salsa
free / gratis
rotating dessert offering
$ varies

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The Green Woodpecker
3110 North Central Avenue — Suite 185
Phoenix, AZ 85012

Summer Hours

12 PM – 9 PM *
12 PM – 9 PM *
12 PM – 9 PM *
12 PM – 9 PM *
12 PM – 9 PM *
12 PM – 10 PM *
12 PM – 10 PM *
* Tacos served after 4 PM